There’s More To your Paradise Mauritius Honeymoon Package Than Just Beaches

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January 14, 2019
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May 15, 2019

Indian Ocean islands have been popular post-wedding destinations for many years, and Mauritius honeymoon packages have never been in more demand by those looking to celebrate the start of their married life with a well deserved holiday. Everyone who’s been to Mauritius knows what the island offers to visitors, but those who haven’t might dismiss it as not worth visiting by assuming it’s just beaches. After all, why travel across the world to visit beautiful beaches when we have our very own right here in Australia? Here’s why a visit to Mauritius offers so much more than that.

Dozens Of Cultures To Experience

Visit Mauritius, and you won’t be exposed to a single type of culture. With so many religions and countries represented (due to colonisation and migration), you’ll find Muslim, Hindu and Chinese influences, with residents speaking French, English and Creole. This diversity is present in everything from the area’s cuisine to its architecture.

Plenty Of Ways To Get Physical

While some people love to spend their days tanning on the beach, others prefer to work up a sweat by taking in the sights. Mauritius has more than enough of this to keep you interested. You can visit La Vanille Nature Park to view giant tortoises as well as Nile crocodiles. You could take a hike to visit the island’s sacred crater lake, called the Grand Bassin. You can also take a boat ride to visit the island of Isle aux Aigrettes, which is the last known site where the dodo was spotted. There’s also plenty of watersports available include snorkelling, diving, kitesurfing, submarining and exploring the ocean on an underwater scooter.

Food Fit For Every Palate

If you think staying on an island means your food options are seafood, seafood and more seafood, you couldn’t be more wrong. Because of the island’s diversity, you can enjoy a multitude of cuisines from all over the world – all with a unique Mauritian twist. Think baguettes and vanilla tea for breakfast, Indian dholl pancakes with curry for lunch and Chinese red bean and black lentil dumplings for dinner.

Seeing Mauritius in a new light and ready to reconsider what it has to offer you? Then book your beach honeymoon packages Mauritius today.

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