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The Island of Heavens, get everything that could be ever imagined. The Warm Welcoming Coconut Trees, Turquoise Lagoon, White Sandy Beach, Luxury Hotels and the Restaurants, Glorifying Flowers, Romantic Breeze and the Marlin Dinner are waiting for you.

Why Mauritius Honeymoon?

We offer you the best rates tours, adventures, excursions and all inclusive beach honeymoon and make my trip Mauritius honeymoon packages!

Most newlywed couples dream of a romantic honeymoon in an exotic location. There, they can be alone to enjoy each other’s company in a gorgeous environment, before returning to the real world to start their lives as newlyweds. Imagine travelling to a location where you can explore beautiful attractions and white beaches by day, and enjoy romantic dinners and beach walks under the stars by night. Mauritius Honeymoon offers all this and more.

Join us on the tropical island of Mauritius for the most romantic vacation of your life. Experience the Island of Heavens with your loved one while you explore our lagoons, beaches and flower gardens. Walk beneath the towering coconut trees that surround our luxurious hotels and restaurants, and enjoy the many activities that we have to offer.

What We Offer

At Mauritius Honeymoon we have the best beach honeymoon packages available, which include the most affordable rates for our services. Our packages also include tours, adventures and excursions to keep you entertained throughout the whole trip, and they come at different price ranges, so you have the freedom to choose which will suit your budget best. All our offers are all inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about any costs once you’ve arrived on the island.

Things To Do

When you decide to book an all inclusive honeymoon with Mauritius Honeymoons, we offer only the best activities to keep you busy and entertained. Our exclusive shopping tour is an opportunity to shop until you drop! Visit our local shopping centres to stock up on unique Mauritian gifts and other handcrafted items.

Our Heritage Tour will take you on a journey through our history, including the discovery of the island, how it was named and an in-depth look into our unique cultures and ethnic groups. You’ll go on a tour through historical Mauritian buildings, and we also offer a Tea Route Tour where you can visit our Mauritian Tea Museum and learn about the exotic plants, flowers and natural vegetation which are indigenous to the island.

Why Choose Mauritius Honeymoons?

At Mauritius Honeymoon, it’s important to us that your honeymoon is all that you dreamed about. We’ve dedicated ourselves to sharing the beauty and extravagance of Mauritius with the world, and our honeymoon packages will allow you to experience the island the way it should be experienced.

Ready to book your all inclusive, beach honeymoon package with Mauritius Honeymoon? For five-star customer service and a once in a lifetime romantic vacation, visit our website today to reserve your package.


Our mission is to make world familiar to these kind hidden beauties which can’t be found easily. Of course, the tourist companies like us manage it to make easier for the peaceful and lovemaking people to come and relax, take a nap through their busy and hectic routine of life. May spend your valued and worthy time with your loved ones completely isolating oneself from the tensions which are impossible for them to make it all complete, alone. We are here for your guidance and assistance and we love to do our work.

We advise our customers our best knowledge, the best response to their inquiries, make our best efforts to make your tour unforgettable.


Shopping Tour

Shop till you drop, yes, Mauritius is famous for shopping. In this tour, you’ll love to visit the best shopping centers in Mauritius. The famous for shopping are the Mauritius Glass Gallery, Poncini Jewellery, Port Louis, Grand Bay Center and Historic Marine Boat Factory.

Heritage Tour

As the name suggests, the heritage tour will lead you back to historic times and to the old heritage of Mauritius including the discovery of Mauritius Island, how it named Mauritius, it’s cultures and the ethnic groups along with the tour of historical and fascinating sights like Sugar Museum, Port Louis its Capital and the Eureka House.

Tea Route Tour

“Domaine des Aubineaux” is the museum dedicated to the history of Mauritian Tea, which was built in 1872, as a Colonial House. After this, stroll in the “Camphor Tree Garden” glaring at the diversity of the endemic forest and the exotic plants. ”Bois Cheri” and the “Saint Aubin House” will be your love in the Mauritian Tea Route Tour. This tour also includes “Vanilla House”, “Anthurium la Greenhouses” and the “Tropical Garden”.



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