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Have photos by having a quality photographer that’ll make your honeymoon memorable. The photos of life are the hidden treasures of the past. Make your collection worthful by hiring our experts.

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Let’s have a look on a stretch of white sand on a pretty beach secluded between the coconut trees alongside a turquoise inland. Go to deep-sea fishing and hike through green mountains. Catch Marlins under the sea and surf in the turquoise lagoon.

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Mauritius temperature on average is 28-degree centigrade as it’s a tropical country with weather that is warm and humid. You can take along with you the trousers, pants, shorts, T-shirts, slacks, tops, maxi dresses, romper, coverups, miniskirts and palazzo pants etc.

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You must love deep-sea diving, fishing, surfing, hiking, skiing and marvel the Mauritius Mountain Scenery with the chirp of charming birds.

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Yes, this is right to say that Mauritius is the Island of Flowers. Flowers enhance the beauty of nature by their fragrance. Alluring and the fascinating flowers like Anthurium, Hibiscus, Frangipani, Plante Corail, Shanti Maurice, and the Bougainvillea are beautifying the Island beauty.

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Hotels and resorts must have the five most important and primary characteristics i.e; Hotel’s Location, Collection of the Facilities, the Services it provides, the Image of the Hotel and the Cost of Residence it charges. Contact us today to discuss your hotel packages.

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