How To Choose A Honeymoon Hotel In Mauritius

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June 5, 2019
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August 16, 2019

An exclusive honeymoon in Mauritius need not cost an arm and a leg. Finding the right type of hotel is key, but it can be a bit tricky selecting the perfect hotel amidst the sea of hotel options in Mauritius’ booming hospitality industry. While each couple prioritizes different things in a hotel according to their tastes and preferences, as a general guide, here are some of the common factors many honeymooners look for in a honeymoon hotel in Mauritius.

Top Tips To Select The Right Honeymoon Hotel For You

  1. Proximity to top attractions

Whether it is cultural, sporty or nature-based, honeymooners prefer hotel accommodation that provides easy access to the top attractions. Mauritius is not only a paradise for beach-lovers, but its stunning natural parks and reserves, street markets, museums and heritage sites also clamour for the tourist’s attention.

  1. Access to secluded beaches

As some beaches in Mauritius can get crowded, a couple on their honeymoon may wish to avoid the crowds in favour of quiet, unspoilt beaches that belong to the hotel.

  1. Advanced booking can offer discounted rates

It is only to be expected that the best and most popular hotels require honeymooners to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment, especially during peak season. Another benefit to early bookings is that hotels can offer more favourable rates if the booking is made in advance as hotel rates vary based on availability.

  1. VIP experience

When researching honeymoon hotels in Mauritius, it is a good tip to look out for those that go the extra mile for their guests. Satisfied guests are always keen to leave a positive review of their experiences, so paying attention to these is very often helpful.

  1. Value of all-inclusive package

Many hotels and resorts cater to newlyweds on honeymoon, and the inclusive packages are popular options. When choosing a package, it is best to note down what your priorities are, which makes it easy to select from several packages on offer. Are you looking for a hotel offering breakfast and dinner or just breakfast so you can try out another local cuisine? What activities are looking to do? Which package offers you these activities for free?

Planning a romantic holiday in Mauritius can be an overwhelming experience due to the numerous options, especially when it comes to accommodation and activities. At Mauritius Honeymoon, we have the required experience and expertise to help honeymooners find the best honeymoon hotel in Mauritius. Book your honeymoon special packages Mauritius for your honeymoon.

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